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Male Assistant Team Leader – Sept 5th (98 views)

Cleveland, OH
August 27, 2014

Looking for an Male Assistant Team Leader on Sept 5th. Do you live in the vicinity of Cleveland? Do you love your region and the amenities it offers? Do you wish more people knew about the things you love in your city? Then we are looking for you! We have a special position for someone who has a passion for Cleveland and introducing people to the region. He has already been an advocate for the region and loves to serve as a tour guide for the region.  He loves meeting new people and sharing experiences.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Assistant Team Leader

• Represents the company in a positive way. 
• Generates public interest in the brand. 
• Answers questions about the brand. 
• Assists managers with the implementation of marketing campaigns. 
• Gives out free samples of the product to the public. 
• Trains newly hired ambassadors. 
• Sets up and breaks down displays of the brand. 
• Provides customer feedback regarding the brand to managers. 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

• Must be well-groomed. 
• Must be outgoing, energetic and able to work with the public. 
• Must have leadership skills.

Work Environment 

• Must be willing to travel to location
• Must be willing to work at public venues and major events where there a large crowds of people. 
• Must be able and willing to lift heavy merchandise. 
• Must be able to drive a 26′ box truck

Date & Times

Sept 5th – All Day Event

Possibility for other events in the near future.