By Brian Friedman

Sure, it may seem like we’re biased, but with a proven track record and impressive resume, LOOPD continues to be the gold standard for session tracking. LOOPD allows you to not only collect and understand event data, but to make that data actionable.

In the past, session tracking was clunky, expensive, and the opposite of user-friendly. Attendees didn’t want to use it and as a result, didn’t use it.

Many of the early tools, like RFID, were expensive eyesores that could indeed collect data, but interfered too much with the user experience to gain universal adoption. They were also incompatible with mobile devices.

Unlike these problematic early “solutions,” LOOPD captures key data like dwell time and user journey in an intuitive and unobtrusive way. Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the LOOPD Smart Badge sends relevant information to each attendee’s LOOPD App. It seamlessly integrates and communicates important data and is a tool that attendees actually want to use.

Today’s top session tracking tech can capture key data in an intuitive and unobtrusive way.
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Beyond supreme functionality, LOOPD also boasts unparalleled affordability and ease. Capturing session attendance across your event is an achievable reality; you no longer need to pick and choose what sessions to measure in order to stay on budget.

But wait, there’s more! The best part about LOOPD is that it takes less than two hours to set up and does not require any additional infrastructure integrations with your selected venue.

LOOPD is powered by LOOPD Smart Badges, handy little tools that utilize a special version of BLE that is optimized to provide the highest quality of event intelligence. In addition to these badges, LOOPD Hubs are positioned throughout the venue. They are small enough to blend into the background, but powerful enough to passively execute event-wide session tracking.

With LOOPD, tracking attendee journey, both in sessions and outside of them, is easy.

LOOPD Smart Badges also simplify face-to-face networking by exchanging contact information automatically. Attendees can ditch their business cards and connect with newfound simplicity.

After the event, attendees receive an Attendee Journey report that gives a visual record of the sessions they attended and contacts they made. This report can be downloaded or shared via social media and other channels for residual event benefits.

LOOPD focuses on providing the ultimate attendee experience by capturing the highest quality of session attendance metrics. By providing benefits to attendees, exhibitors, and organizers, LOOPD is the complete session tracking solution.

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