By [email protected] (Drew Neisser)

Her marching orders, like those of just about any new b-to-b CMO especially those with tech-oriented products, were to drive demand. “Just fill the pipeline, keep sales happy and you’ll do fine,” advised her peers. Yet for Juliette Rizkallah, recalling her first few days at SailPoint back in March of 2015, this tactical approach felt insufficient. Her past experience pointed her to the critical need for both brand building and demand generation if she and her organization were truly going to cut through.

30 months later, Rizkallah is delighted to report that this dual approach was hugely successful, helping to differentiate SailPoint and nearly double sales to over $100 million. Ironically, as you will see in the highlights of our extensive interview, one of her secrets was to not use the word “branding” at all when discussing her plan internally especially in the board room. Evidently the word “messaging” clears the “not fluffy marketing speak” hurdle, a phraseological sleight of hand that may just become de rigueur in 2018.

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