So Universal Pictures took to the internet on Thursday to hack up its trailer for the new “Cats” movie like some sort of pre-dinner hairball, and the internet is, um, confused? But definitely not indifferent. On YouTube, the trailer has racked up more than 87,000 thumbs-down (vs. 48,000+ thumbs-up) across more than three million views in less than 24 hours. And over on Twitter, people have had a few things to say:

It seems possible that those swatting at the “Cats” trailer may feel that this obviously surreal movie adaption of the smash Broadway musical simply doesn’t go far enough. The good news is that Universal is giving this thing a Dec. 25 release, so there’s still time to make some tweaks.

We hereby suggest bringing in John Mulaney, whose “Bodega Bathroom” musical (below) starring a bodega cat (Kenan Thompson) was one of the highlights of the 2018-2019 “Saturday Night Live” season.

In short, the problem is not that “Cats” looks deranged. It’s that it’s not deranged enough!

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