By Brian Friedman

The award winning LOOPD Smart Badge was built with the mission to prove event value to every attendee in natural and passive way. Our team has been working hard over the past year to further this mission, and we’re now one step closer. Today we’re announcing, the LOOPD Smart Badge 3, which is one of our latest and greatest innovations to date. The LOOPD Smart Badge 3 still has all of the same great features and much more. The LOOPD Smart Badge 3 replaces the traditional business card with an easy and fun alternative, and captures a personalized event history for each attendee. For event planners it magically can check attendees in and out of sessions, and makes it easier to identify top brand ambassadors at the event.

Over the past year we have been listening to our users constantly and collecting as much feedback as possible to design a new experience that is more intuitive and rich. The LOOPD Smart Badge 3 is crafted with the latest Bluetooth low energy technology and empowers event organizers to passively collect valuable behavioral event data that brings a new layer of intuition and clarity to events. It’s the age of digital marketing, and with the LOOPD Smart Badge 3 events are now even more a core part of it.

We added thoughtful and practical design elements and combined the best of hardware and software to bring a new and improved experience to events. The new profile is sleek, simplistic and clean made with high performance translucent materials. The contact exchange has been precision tuned to be more accurate and faster. We added a more practical button that naturally fits with your finger, and has immediate tactile feedback that encourages attendees to create more high quality connections at the event. The new form factor also promotes branding for event organizers and sponsors who want a full white-labeled experience.

The LOOPD Smart Badge 3 has a brilliant LED that flashes orange when ready to exchange contact information and flashes green when contacts have been successfully exchanged. Most events are held in very bright venues with strong overhead lights, so we increased the brightness of the LED to be easily visible to each user. Our team did not have to sacrifice battery life at all, and instead we extended it from two weeks to three weeks. The weight decreased by over 50% and the thickness was reduced down to only a few millimeters. With an enhanced battery life and a smaller form factor, we’re now able to improve the overall performance and reliability of the user experience.

With the LOOPD Smart Badge 3 event planners will still be able to treat every attendee like a VIP and remove intrusive scanning and swiping from other outdated technology. Unlike NFC and RFID products available on the market, the LOOPD Smart Badge 3 is more affordable, mobile compatible, and supremely scalable. With our new improvements we’ve enhanced security and reliability while delivering the …read more

Via:: E Touch Community