By Lauren Mumford

A common challenge that meeting and event planners face today is the constant evolution of the industry’s technology needs and the need to keep up with it. From internal management to attendees and sponsors, there’s also a lot of pressure to make all of your stakeholders happy and to make the right technology investments in a sea of new tools and trends.

While jumping on the latest and greatest industry trends can be a great way to increase event success and ROI, planners need to have a solid foundation of tools to guarantee the most positive outcomes. By having the event essentials covered, event planners will have everything they need to successfully take their technology to the next level, whether it’s as conventional as implementing session tracking devices or as complex as building virtual or artificial reality experiences.

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What are the event essentials exactly? In our opinion, they’re the must-have tools that every event organizer needs throughout the pre-, onsite and post-event stages to ensure a seamless end-user experience for attendees, as well as efficient and effective planning behind the scenes. They cover just about every aspect of event planning from venue sourcing to registration, to mobile apps and event ROI measuring tools, just to name a few. While there’s many event essentials to consider, today’s event planners can’t and shouldn’t do their jobs right without them!

Whether you’re just starting out in the event world or are a seasoned veteran, it doesn’t hurt to make sure all you have everything you need to make to most out of your planning process. Download your free copy of etouches’ newest ebook “Your Event Essentials: The Digital Guide to Enhancing Meeting and Event Success” today, to make sure you’re covering all the bases to plan better meetings and events. Get specific tips of how to fully utilize each essential and learn why your most significant event technology investment may be software that manages it all.

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