By Bill Bosak

Rarely a week passes without someone in our industry musing about ‘engagement’. Yet a key aspect has remained unaddressed: clarity on how organizers of meetings and events can actually use it. We’re going to change that today.

What it is

Let’s quickly anchor ourselves with a basic definition. For live meetings and events, engagement encompasses participants’ interactions with other participants, as well as with the content, partners, brands, event team, and special events. In short, it is the participant’s interactive journey.

Why it matters

Like a true friend, engagement levels provide genuine, real-time feedback. The gold-standard is observing what takes place when participants vote with their feet. How, and with whom, people choose to invest their time are the Holy Grails of expressed interest. Each year billions are spent capturing and extracting those insights across every major marketing channel. And it’s happening every second at your events. Let’s break it down.

How to use it

Because events vary significantly we need a reference point to provide helpful context. Engagement Score™, calculated by our SaaS-based Events Management Platform, provides that reference point. Think of it as an event’s interactive profile. Using our integrated platform to understand and manage your event’s Engagement Score™ enables three essential abilities.

First, Situational Awareness.

Knowledge of our surroundings permits us to respond appropriately. By understanding what’s working or not working, right now, we can quickly take action to magnify the good or minimize the less-than-good. With finite resources and time, awareness permits us to prioritize.

Is foot traffic to a platinum sponsor light and trending down? Send a text message to relevant participants, or wheel out a snack cart. The point is to know where to focus effort in the moments that matter.

Second, Identify Key Influencers.

No two participants are the same, and they interact with our events in unique ways. Some arrive well-prepared with full agendas and energy; they work the event with a level of intensity that mirrors your own. Others do so to varying degrees. Enabling and maintaining high levels of engagement generates interest and activations which in turn creates Influencers. And Influencers have out-sized impact on future event attendance and performance. The key is recognizing the most active networkers, popular sessions and activities which ignited bursts of interaction.

In very real ways, events are the stage upon which you capture the …read more

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