By [email protected](Jack Neff)

Terence Kawaja, whose Lumascapes showing the vast jumble of marketing-tech players have been staples at marketing conferences for years, unveiled his latest creation at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando on Thursday. This one shows direct-to-consumer startups that have been eating away at big established behemoths like Procter & Gamble Co.

“D2C in 2018 feels like programmatic in 2009,” Kawaja says. That includes “rapid company formation, fragmented ecosystem, rampant venture funding, nascent consolidation and a sector poised for huge growth.”

The founder and CEO of investment banking firm Luma Partners even has a separate slide focused on 45 P&G brands under attack by D2C startups. Expect more, he says, as venture capital dump trucks back up to fill the coffers of players he says are rendering the tactics and business models of traditional marketers like P&G obsolete.

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