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A sewing and crafting area served as a key touchpoint.

Fiskars offers a wide range of tools designed to help homeowners tackle DIY projects and around-the-house hacks. Showcasing the products in context is key, so the brand hit the road in June with a tiny home experience built for the creative consumer with partner Renegade Craft Fair, a curated marketplace of crafters and makers that hosts events across the country. The tiny home made its first stop at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair, and will travel to Chicago this month and San Francisco and Los Angeles in November.

Products spanning all of Fiskars’ categories are on display within the tiny home in the places they would naturally be found. In the kitchen, attendees can grab a beverage and use the brand’s vegetable and herb snips to slice a garnish off of a living wall and add it to their refreshment—hello, Instagram (at the Chicago event, Fiskars will work with Borrowed Bar, a company that provides rentable tap wall systems, to offer beverages like lemonade and recreate the garnish-snipping experience). In the living room, kids are invited to cut out foam and felt masks using scissors that are specifically designed for children. A sewing and crafting area anchored by a desk offers participants a lesson on what kind of scissors to use with various materials. Outside the home, a tiny garden encourages attendees to try out Fiskars’ gardening tools, like loppers and dowels, on real plants.

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“The tiny house is kind of symbolic of our consumers’ world,” says Theresa Mc Ardle, senior brand marketing manager at Fiskars Group. “It’s a place where they can go be creative and get inspired and we wanted to show them all of the ways that Fiskars can kind of fit into that.”

Workshops with lifestyle influencers are also part of the tour. Chris Lambton, a gardening and yard care expert, taught attendees at the first event how to create flower crowns and wreaths, while DIY duo the Crafty Lumberjacks demonstrated how to make a magic wallet.

“We truly believe that consumers have the ability to shape the world around them, and this tour is a manifestation of that,” says Mc Ardle. “It’s been really fun to interact and hear all of [attendees’] great stories about their memories of the brand and how important it is for them to be creative. I think that just inspires all of us to keep doing what we do in bringing the brand to life.” Agency: Switch, St. Louis.

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