By Kaylee Hultgren

Intel is a technology brand best known for powering the PC. But a key company directive is to expand consumers’ perception of the brand far beyond that familiarity. Enter the Fast Company Innovation Festival. During the five-day festival that attracts futurists, entrepreneurs and change-makers, the brand created the Intel House pop-up event space in New York City, Oct. 22-23. The goal was to create experiences highlighting its role in emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 5G and autonomous driving.

“We want to demonstrate as a brand that we’re transforming the future, and to explain how technology is playing a role,” says Alyson Griffin, vp-global brand marketing at Intel. “One of the best ways to do that is to create an experience that puts the technology in the hands of our target. The Innovation Festival understands where Intel is playing and how we’re driving the future of these technologies. And events are a key piece of that.”

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The activations at the Intel House range from a racing simulator to an AI-powered dj learning station to the educational VR Intel Lab. To cap it off, Intel hosted the welcome reception for Fast Company Innovation Festival.

There’s no shortage of demos Intel could have created for the event. The key was showcasing what would be easily accessible at a party with cocktail in hand. Check out the event’s activations in our photo tour, below. Agency: Infinity Marketing Team, Culver City, CA.

Step Inside Intel House:
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