By Kait Shea

It’s been a quarter of a century since the world was first introduced to the “Friends” gang, but for millennials who grew up alongside Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross, it seems like only yesterday that the beloved sitcom first graced TV screens. It’s no surprise, then, that when a 25th anniversary “Friends” fan experience in New York City was announced, we set down our oversized coffee mugs and tore through the Big Apple to be the first in line (to anyone who crossed our paths during that time—sorry, not sorry).

TV show pop-ups, including those dedicated to “Friends,” are nothing new. But when we heard that Warner Bros. and event agency Superfly teamed up on this particular effort, we decided it was worth a visit—and boy, were we right. The experience, open Sept. 7 through Oct. 6, is brimming with iconic set recreations, authentic props and expertly curated vignettes that transport superfans and casual viewers alike directly into the world of the 20-something Manhattanites. Did we hardcore fangirl while touring the pop-up? Yes. Did we refuse to leave before getting the perfect photo on the famous orange couch? Yes. Do we regret any of this behavior? Not in the slightest. Now, come along as we pivot through the “Friends” universe.


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friends25-popup-2019_4When the journey began, we were first met with a wall-sized graphic of the gang from an early episode of the series, a design element that is woven throughout the space, depicting moments from popular episodes. Nearby, a sign read, “You’re Among Friends,” accompanied by a short blurb recapping the series and welcoming fans to the experience. And then, it was off to the races. It’s worth mentioning that we attended the pop-up on media day, meaning we had more time and space to roam than the average fan, but we would have happily paid the $29.50 price tag and battled the masses if media passes weren’t an option.

One of the first things we snapped a photo of was a “Friends-isms” wall featuring iconic phrases from the show in bold colors and fonts, with a quick description of who said what and why. Among the lingo on display: “We Were on a Break,” “Unagi” and “This is all a Moo Point.” Then it was over to a recreation of the scene from the show’s opening credits. The space features a faux fountain with lighting effects that make it appear as if there is real water floating at its base, two orange couches set up for photo ops (the …read more

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