By Kait Shea

Art, in all of its forms, can be a powerful engagement tool. It evokes emotion, inspires creativity and often educates observers in one way or another. Event marketers have been cleverly incorporating art-based engagements into their events for years, but a recent crop of brands is turning art itself into the experience, rather than treating it as an add-on. Here’s a look.

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Copley Square Hotel

To celebrate its newly designed meeting space, Art Square, Boston’s Copley Square Hotel in June unveiled the pop-up Art Square Gallery, an annex of the meeting space and a place where local artists can showcase their work as part of the brand’s summer event series. The gallery is open to hotel patrons and the public at large.

Kicking things off was a solo show dubbed “Ocean Life” by Nedret Andre, whose seagrass-inspired art will be on display through September. Each piece is aimed at raising awareness of how organisms utilize seagrass to survive.

Two events hosted by Andre are also part of the pop-up program. At an event on June 13, Tay Evans, a biologist with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and Annisquam River Marine Fisheries Station, discussed the current threat to seagrass and the conservation efforts around it, while Andre discussed how her work conveys the significance of those habitats. Following presentations, attendees enjoyed a light reception.

On July 18, Andre will present a printmaking and painting workshop, along with a presentation by Julie Simpson, coastal aquatic ecologist with the MIT Sea Grant College Program, who will address the importance of the seagrass ecosystem.

Photo courtesy: Nedret Andre


frontierwithin-experience1For Thorne, a supplement and at-home health test brand, illustrating to consumers how complex their bodies are is a challenge. To solve for that pain point, the company in June activated a biometric art installation in New York City dubbed “The Frontier Within.” The experience was intended to get consumers thinking more about how to keep their bodies properly functioning, and, of course, where supplements might come in handy.

The activation centered on a gigantic screen, which attendees stood in front of while their vitals were measured and ultimately turned into an artful, personalized visual display. As each participant breathed in and out, for instance, the data visualization grew brighter. Attendees also had their heart rates and skin glands monitored, with the on-screen display shifting colors in response. Along the journey, equipped with headphones, they were guided by the voice of a young boy who …read more

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