By Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

Welcome to “Five Questions With…”

This series shares a deep dive into what makes the #HumansofMKTG tick and help make up this great family. In the latest edition, we’d like to introduce you to Christine Ralph from MKTG Atlanta. Make sure you read all the way through as there’s a great reveal at the very end! Thanks Christine for sharing a bit about yourself!

Q: What do you at MKTG and what’s a typical day/week like for you? (who do you interact with, what keeps you busy)

A: I am an account services manager out of the ATL office. Currently starting to plan for this year’s US Open with our USTA client, Net Generation. I grew up playing tennis and played in college, so Net Gen is by far one of my favorite clients. I work closely with production and creative for my programs to see things from start to finish- it’s so great to be a part of a program in whole. Also, I’m coming into my 8th year with the company!

Q: Who inspires you personally and professionally and why?

A: Someone that inspires me personally is my mom. I feel like that is a cliché answer, but like many other people, it’s true. I always see how hard working my mom is, she’s the ultimate hostess and always puts family first. My two brothers and I are very lucky to have such great parents as influences in our lives. Professionally, I would say it has to be Ellen Degeneres. Can we talk about how this woman can do anything?! She literally makes the world a better place and that is hands down, so inspiring.

Q: What excites you about your work?

A: I think the most exciting part of my work is that the programs and events always change. Nothing is ever the same and we are always trying to come up with the next best thing for our clients. The sky is the limit and it allows our creativity to soar, thinking of the next best activation for a brand. How fun is it to come to work every day and let your imagination run wild? Traveling is also a passion of mine and I love that I get to experience new places along with work.

Q: What are you watching (TV, films, docs, reality, etc.), listening to (radio, podcasts, books, etc.) and reading (which blogs, sites, books, mags, etc.)


This is Us- joining the bandwagon late, I know

The Voice- anyone else love how funny Blake and Adam are?!

Anything HGTV- Joanna Gaines is my spirit person

Food Network- Chopped is one of my favorites


Love anything mystery or true crime (Serial)

I also may get a little guilty pleasure of reality tv listens in here or there

XM is always playing in my car on country music- I’m a big Keith Urban fan

Q: Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it?

A: I am more of a night owl, but my morning routine consists of my Chocolate lab pup playing with the door stopper to let me …read more

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