By Kait Shea

From the creators of EventTech, the industry’s largest learning lab on event technology and live events, we bring you EventTech 411, our periodic roundup of effective event technologies. In this installation, we take a look at mobile audience engagement tools.

Talk to just about anyone in the industry and they’re apt to tell you that today’s b-to-b event and conference attendees spend almost as much time staring at their mobile devices as they do the presentation in front of them. But as technology advances, event marketers are finding that those second screens offer a prime opportunity to take back the audience by engaging attendees in person and digitally. Following is a look at three mobile engagement tools that transform a passive attendee experience into an interactive one without skipping a beat.


What it is: Operating under an “Audience Interaction Made Easy” tagline, this web-based application (no app downloads required) offers live Q&A, live polling and presentation slide features that allow audience members to directly interact with presenters through their smart devices. The app itself isn’t new, but its analytics feature, which provides insights on user behavior and access to an event’s interaction data, is.

How it Works: Easy peasy. Ask audience members to open up a web browser on their smart devices, navigate to and enter the specific event code. After activating the platform, attendees can ask questions (anonymously if they fear public “speaking”), participate in live polling and access presentation slides either during or after the event.

Product Features:

• Does not require attendees to download or install an app
• Uploaded presentations are automatically converted to PDF format for secure sharing
• Makes event interaction data accessible, with an option to download a comprehensive event summary and convert it to a PDF file
• Ability to embed event infographics into a web page or blog post
• Ability to identify the most influential users at each event
• Allows the presenter to crowdsource the best attendee questions
• Increases quality and quantity of questions by allowing attendees to ask anonymously
• Includes a moderation feature that allows the presenter to filter any inappropriate questions before they go live
• Audience questions and polling results can be exported in an Excel document or shared via an infographic

Cost: Pricing varies depending on whether the tool is needed for one-time use (you can use at a single event for up to seven days) or unlimited annual use, with different price points for different packages. The “private” package for one-time events, for example, costs $199, while an annual “enterprise” package goes for $2,400.

Who’s Using it: The app has been implemented at the Festival of Marketing, South by Southwest, Pulse and the Adobe Summit EMEA, among other major events.

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