By Kait Shea

Ahhh… Comic-Con International—the only place where you have to stand in line just to cross the street. But for the 130,000-plus attendees descending on the annual celebration of “popular arts” in San Diego, no line is too long, no temperature is too extreme and every experience is a superfan’s dream come true. We’re on-site getting up close and personal with the activations, the city and the attendees that have made the 48-year-old convention a breeding ground for immersive experiences. Here’s a look at a few of the steal-worthy activations we encountered on day one. Keep tuning in for more updates from the ground on and continue to follow our Comic-Con journey on Instagram.

Scenes From Comic-Con International 2018:
comiccon 2018_cloak dagger
comiccon 2018_adult swim park
comiccon 2018_amazon fire

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