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Although the traditional television season is ending, we’ve all still got TV firmly on the brain, what with the upfronts wrapping up last week, the NewFronts a couple of weeks before that, the Ad Age Next: OTT conference before that—and the controversial “Game of Thrones” finale continuing to spur debate online. In the new age of VOD and OTT, television is more a never-ending state of mind than a season with a beginning and end. We asked some of our favorite Amp community members which shows they’re most obsessed with now, and what’s in store for the future of TV and advertising.

Parker Channon, Executive Creative Director, Duncan Channon

Currently binge-watching: “‘Atlanta.’ It’s incredible. It’s on [FX], but I do it in an OTT environment. I only became an OTT user because of my kids, who are 8 and 6. They’re OG binge-watchers. I discovered that they figured out how to access Netflix through the smart TV, and they were doing whole seasons of ‘Boss Baby’ and ‘Nailed It.’”

How OTT has changed TV watching: “It’s changed everything. People’s ability to avoid commercials is a bit of an issue for us. But as a viewer, there’s nothing like it, with a stack of three or four shows in a row. It’s just become where all the really creative stuff is. It’s better than movies.”

Advertising in the OTT age: “We’re still mostly making 30-second and 15-second units that apply in OTT environments, but from a media standpoint, it’s been a challenge. Viewers have become more and more fragmented. But it also offers opportunities for smaller brands to get on TV in a way that they couldn’t when they had to do a big cable or broadcast buy. It definitely has ups and downs in terms of media buys.”

The future of TV: “It’s funny, when the digital stuff all came, when everything went to the internet and all advertising moved, TV was ‘dead.’ I think we’re going to see more of the same, ways for your programming to follow you and be viewable from any device you may have. But the one-way conversation when you watch TV is still the best way to reach people.”

Melanie Mitchem, SVP, Global Communications and PR, FCB

Currently binge-watching: “’Bosch’ on Amazon Prime. It’s based on books by Michael Connelly. It’s not like cop-y, shoot-’em-up. It’s more thought-provoking. I also like ‘Unforgotten.’ It’s an English show also on Amazon Prime. And I’m waiting for [the newest season of BBC America’s] ‘Luther‘ to come out in the U.S.”

Advertising in the OTT age: “There’s opportunity for one brand sponsoring one episode of a show. For example, you’ll have a whole episode ‘Brought to you by Ford.’ I think that’s smart, because it’s seamless. They’re just driving in Ford cars. It gives advertisers a chance to be more creative. Nobody wants to sit and watch an ad, because of how people are viewing things now. Now that they have that …read more

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