By Lindsay Rittenhouse

While agencies continue to preach about the need to recruit and retain talent—especially diverse talent—many struggle to actually do it. Brands have the same fears and, according to an ANA study this week, 63 percent of in-house agencies report having difficulty “keeping their creative teams energized.” The study finds 44 percent of in-house agencies are also having trouble attracting top-tier talent. The study follows 2018 ANA research that found 78 percent of marketers now have some sort of in-house agency—which won’t be too effective without the talent to support it.

One agency walks the walk
This week, MDC Partners-owned 72andSunny New York takes a colossal step in creating a pipeline of talent from truly diverse backgrounds. The agency is partnering with ConCreates, a creative shop made up of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people.

U​​​nder the partnership, 72andSunny New York will work closely with ConCreates founders Vincent Bragg, who spent more than five years in federal prison on drug charges, and Janeya Griffin, a former specialist contractor for NASA and whose parents were incarcerated, to help craft the company’s brand, including its positioning and visual identity. Going forward, 72andSunny New York will consult with ConCreates on certain projects.

Griffin says a criminal past should be seen “as an asset, not a liability.”

“We kind of like to start with the crime,” Bragg explains. “We look at someone who robbed 27 banks as a strategist. They needed a plan. Executing it successfully 27 times is pretty impressive in any world.”

Accenture Interactive puts modern touch on the Louvre
Accenture Interactive will be modernizing the renowned 226-year-old Louvre in Paris, the world’s largest art museum. As part of a pro-bono corporate citizenship initiative that began more than 15 years ago, Accenture Interactive, which recently bought top creative shop Droga5, comes on to help “enrich the visitor experience before, during and after their visit,” create tools for employees to better work and interact with guests and expose the Louvre’s art collections to a wider outside audience. Among its responsibilities, Accenture Interactive will work with the Louvre to revamp its website. The agency has already helped the museum launch a mobile app using augmented reality for the Petite Galerie and implement a new ticketing system. (Of note, Accenture Interactive was the agency that developed Carnival’s Ocean Medallion wearable, introduced in 2017.)

Peeping tom murals want to deter public pissers
No one will want to visit the new and improved Louvre if the city where it’s housed reeks of piss. Apparently, some Paris-dwellers have a habit of peeing in public. According to Ogilvy Paris, which created an out-of-home campaign for the SNCF Nudge Unit to deter city residents from urinating wherever they please, the act is “multiplying” and the cleanup is “expensive.” Hot spots where this is occurring are train stations. One such station, La Gare des Mureaux, inside and out, has become an “official urinal.” So Ogilvy Paris painted murals on the corners of walls, in and around the station where people were relieving themselves, of athletes and children, drawing on the French love …read more

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