By Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle
Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle

Mary Kate (MK) here from MKTG Chicago and welcome to this month’s edition of “A Day in the Life!” I’m excited to share with you a peek into my friend Kristin Laux day. I’ve known Kristin for about five years via various work situations and I’m so happy to know her and get to work with her.

Kristin hails from Wisconsin, which is important to note because it’s at the core of her personality.

Have you ever met anyone from Wisconsin?

They’re basically the nicest people you’ll ever meet and Kristin is no exception She’s a peach.

This sweet midwestern girl joined the MKTG family about two years ago on the Nike team in Chicago. In the last year, she took the plunge and moved to New York City where she is still a proud member of our “Swoosh squad,” specializing in Running and Women’s Training events.

I took some time to sit down with Kristin on a recent trip to the New York office to learn more about her day-to-day and how it’s changed since her move. I’m glad I caught her when I did, because she was just about to leave for her first weeklong vacation where she’ll be road tripping between some of the nation’s most beautiful National Parks! Take me next time!

MKP: What time do you wake up on a typical work day?

  • KL: It varies. Sometimes I get up at 5. Well, twice a week I wake up at 5 to go to the gym. And otherwise it’s like 6:30 usually, if I don’t workout.

Ok, and you go to workout classes in the morning, like…

  • Rumble Boxing. I box every Thursday at 6, and I go to spin on Wednesdays and I try to go to at least 1 yoga class a week.

Ok, wow, and all before work?

  • Mhmm!

And all different studios?

  • Yeah, cause now I finally got ClassPass. It was like $19 to sign up for the first month and I tried to cancel it the next month and they were like “Oh! We hate to see you go!” and I told them it was too expensive and they said “Okay! We’ll give you another month at a discount.” So I was like, “Ok! That works!” And then I have a membership for the boxing gym.

[MK: I feel it’s important to note that K. Laux very politely invited me to boxing at Rumble the next morning. I didn’t pack workout clothes, but promised the next time I’m in NYC on a Thursday morning I’ll plan on it.]

So what’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you have a home routine?

  • Yep, I get up. I open the shades and look at the amazing view, because we look over the RFK Bridge and the east river. You can see the sunrise every morning because we don’t have a building in front of us. Then, I make the bed. I go and turn on the coffee machine, take a shower, I sound like a robot, haha.

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